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The Australian climate is notoriously challenging, and for the past decade Upper Murray Seeds has focused on providing seed suited to Australian conditions. In 2001 we started trials to analyse and compare different varieties 'on-farm'. Our varietal and species recommendations are now based on these results.

An independent technician/agronomist manages our NSW research site, where new varieties are assessed both visually and physically to demonstrate how beneficial traits perform and whether they are consistent over several seasons. Persistence is especially important for perennial species.

Statistical data replications are carried out and data provided quarterly. Dry matter cuts are obtained using the traditional cutting and drying method, which provides the most accurate data available, compared to quicker and cheaper methods (eg rising meter and probes) in use in the industry.

Species currently being trialled at our research farm include grasses, cereals, brassicas, legumes, and fodder crops.

Upper Murray Seeds' agronomists and sales staff can confidently select and recommend our products to you, having seen them perform at one of our demonstration sites.


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