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Plant Breeders Rights

The Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) logo is the hallmark of authenticity and the rights are a form of intellectual property (IP), like patents or trade marks. When we develop a new plant variety, we protect our IP with PBR.

Plant Breeders Rights are granted to the breeder of a new variety to give the breeder exclusive control over the propagating material and harvested material of a new variety for a number of years.

With these rights, the breeder can choose to become the exclusive marketer of the variety, or to license the variety to others. In order to qualify for these exclusive rights, a variety must be new, distinct, uniform and stable.

Upper Murray Seeds’ seed breeding program is managed by Sheldon Agri, a private research and development company. Sheldon Agri breeds and produces new pasture seed varieties exhibiting desirable traits that are suited to Australian conditions.

Plant Breeders Rights

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