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Pasture Blends

Pasture Blends

Our range of pasture blends includes annuals for hay and silage production, through to perennials such as phalaris, winter-active fescue or ryegrass. The range is regularly reviewed to ensure it continues to boost farm productivity and profitability.

Key Features

• Ready-to-sow blends available for various purposes and conditions
• Annual or perennial pastures catered for
• Formulated to suit beef, sheep, dairy, equine and fodder conservation

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Dairy Premium

Persistence: 4-6 Years
Sowing Rate: 25-30 kg/ha

UMS Dairy Premium blend includes both tetraploid and diploid perennial ryegrass varieties. This will provide all the benefits of a highly palatable, densely-tillered pasture that is not only long lasting, but very quick to recover from grazing. Our Dairy blend consists of late-maturing premium varieties, and the added clover will assist in nitrogen fixation to ensure high quality, year-round production.


Persistence: 1-2 Years
Sowing Rate: 10-15 kg/ha

With the perfect, palatable ingredients specifically suited to horses, this blend has just enough clover for soil nitrification but not enough to cause laminitis. It will maintain condition without causing ‘over heating’ from excessive energy or protein.

Fat Lamb Factory

Persistence: 3-4 Years
Sowing Rate: 25-30 kg/ha

A high end custom mix designed for high rainfall or irrigation situations, where the main concern will be finding enough livestock to keep on top of this pasture. This blend of ryegrasses and white clover will produce throughout the year.

Hardy Perennial

Persistence: 7-10 Years
Sowing Rate: 10-20 kg/ha

This blend is well suited to both the hill and flat country of the southern tablelands. It was designed to withstand harsh, dry Australian summers and cool, frosty winters while maintaining optimum grazing and palatability for your set stock.

Hay and Silage

Persistence: 1 Year
Sowing Rate: 20-30 kg/ha

A premium mix using high quality diploid and tetraploid ryegrasses combined with Persian, balansa and arrowleaf clovers for maximum dry matter production.

High Density Legume

Persistence: 1 Year
Sowing Rate: 9-15 kg/ha

A specific annual clover blend designed as a break crop, allowing grass weed control, organic matter build-up, nitrogen fixation and high quality fodder conservation opportunities.

Hill Country

Persistence: 7-10 Years
Sowing Rate: 10-15 kg/ha

Designed for both conventional and aerial seeding, this blend contains a high level of deep rooted, highly persistent species such as phalaris, sub-clover and cocksfoot with adaptability to a wide range of soil types.

Meat and Milk

Persistence: 4-5 Years
Sowing Rate: 25-30 kg/ha

A hardy, high yielding perennial ryegrass and clover blend specially designed for pastoral enterprises which will provide highly nutritious feed throughout the season.


Persistence: 4-6 Years
Sowing Rate: 20-25 kg/ha

An inexpensive perennial mix of ryegrass and clovers which will establish quickly and produce a large bulk of feed through winter and spring.

Tractor Stopper

Persistence: 1-2 Years
Sowing Rate: 25-30 kg/ha

A grass-only blend of annual and short-term ryegrasses specially designed to establish quickly and is ideal for oversowing. Produces a huge bulk of feed through winter and spring.

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