Other Forage Oats

Oats are a widely adaptable and reliable cereal which are easy to establish and relatively cheap to grow. Most varieties are suited to grain production, grazing, hay and silage conservation, and pasture renovation (over sowing). Oats are quick to germinate providing good early feed, and will survive during tough conditions as demonstrated in recent seasons with delayed autumn breaks.

Coolabah Graze/Grain Medium High Early
Yarran Graze/Hay Medium Low Early
Eurabbie Graze/Grain Semi-dwarf Low Mid/Late
Saia Graze Tall - Early/Mid
Wintaroo Graze/Hay Tall Low Mid
Blackbutt Graze/Hay Medium Medium Mid
Warrego Graze/Hay Medium Low Mid
Graza 50 Graze/Hay Medium High Mid/Late
Victory Graze/Hay Tall - Late
Massive Graze/Hay Tall - Very Late

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