Evergreen Forage Brassica
Evergreen Forage Brassica

Evergreen Forage Brassica


Evergreen is a modern forage brassica, with improved regrowth, yield and overall quality.

  • Very late flowering and early maturing
  • Can be sown all year round with adequate moisture
  • High yielding and excellent disease resistance
  • Excellent regrowth after grazing
  • Ready for first grazing in 60-90 days

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Scientific Name
Brassica napus.L.

Sowing Rate: 3-5 kg/ha
Blend Rate: 1-2 kg/ha

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Plant Characteristics

  • Hybrid type Rape X Kale
  • Excellent disease resistance
  • Excellent feed quality CP 17-20, ME 11-13
  • Can be grazed multiple times


  • Rapid establishment and is ready for first grazing in 60-90 days (8-12 weeks)
  • Graze Evergreen when the crop is ripe based on sowing time and location.
  • Will provide more feed from later grazing

Area of Adaption

  • Medium to high rainfall areas
  • Suitable to most soil types

Seed Options

  • Bare seed
  • Gaucho treated


A firm and moist seed bed is desirable to start with and a sowing depth of 0.5–1.5cm is ideal. Sowing rates between 3-5 kg/ha are enough for forage brassicas such as Evergreen. Sow at 1-2 kg/ha when a component of a pasture blend. Accurate seed depth is essential for lower sowing rates. Good seed/soil contact is essential and tilth will accommodate this.

A fertiliser application is very important at sowing, a minimum 100kg DAP/ha is usually a good option as it gets plants up and going at the start. Lime can be a very good investment to incorporate into soil at this stage, but soil test first. Gaucho treated seed is also a good option to help control RLEM at emergence, but this will only last for up to 3 weeks.

Paddock Preparation

Select paddocks that are relatively weed-free and avoid paddocks that are prone to waterlogging. Ideally follow a winter crop paddock, eg cereals or annual ryegrass. Select an appropriate spray to eliminate weeds that are present. Options include glyphosate and triflurilan. Cultivation is a preferred option even if it is only a light working, or power harrowing, as small seeds dry out quickly.

Crop Management Tips

The first sign of emerging plants is critical to plants’ life, so monitor for pests at this stage. Common pests include RLEM, slugs and snails. Watch for Diamond Back Moth as they can show up very early and cause lots of damage. Select an appropriate spray to aid in control of these. A top dressing of Nitrogen once the crop is established is beneficial eg urea at 50-100kg/ha.


As with any new crop, introduce livestock slowly, and strip grazing is the preferred option. Allow stock time for the rumen to adjust to the high ME (metabolisable energy) and CP (crude protein).

Stock must always have access to fresh water and some roughage such as hay or straw to help balance the rumen with sufficient energy, protein and fibre. Back-fence the paddock to ensure good quality regrowth for later in the season.

Once your Evergreen crop is finished you can start thinking about the next pasture renovation.

Mixing Options

Various options are available these include: chicory, plantain, white and red clovers, and millet when soil temperature rises to 14˚C and above. Mixing offers a broader opportunity to provide high quality feed and reduce the losses from insect attack.

Evergreen is the perfect choice for growers looking to improve their profitability from growing forage brassica because it stacks up against major competitors. Trials have proven Evergreen offers growers significantly better value over current varieties. Look at the figures yourself, and compare the difference.

Evergreen Forage EBVs

compared to industry standards*

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Winfred = 100
Meat Value
Milk Value
Evergreen 114 $194 $617
Winfred 100 $0 $0

* Relative forage ratings based on relative data from up to 13 different sites including Denman, Gundagai NSW, Byaduk, Caramut, Winslow VIC, Cressy, Whitemore and Smithon TAS.
* Meat value conservatively estimated using 70% utilisation of feed and $2/kg liveweight gain, and milk value conservatively estimated using 80% utilisation of feed and 35/c litre milk.

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